Oakley and Intel jointly develop Radar Pace human interaction technology

Oakley and Intel jointly develop Radar Pace human interaction technology

Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander show Oakley Radar path/prototype, the new technology developed jointly by Intel and Luxottica cooperation.
In 2016, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Intel released a Radar Pace technology, the technology will be applied on the Oakley Radar Path, it can provide athletes with power meters, heart rate monitors, speed, step frequency data with driver interact through voice control. oakley sunglasses cheap, Siri technology similar to the Apple, but Radar Pace only for biking.

In the demo video, three iron champion Craig AlexAnder shows the Radar of Pace in cycling features. His glasses, “said Okay,Radar, today what are my exercise program? “A female robot reply to his questions, and he rode for him with the other ride data. There are even “these are small change, let us a little harder. ”
Another: “how much is my power? “” Is the power of 320 Watts. ”
Intel and Oakley did not give any other information, cheap oakley sunglasses sale, just like an APP or software, but Oakley head provides a little information, Radar Pace at a very early stage of infancy.

“Radar sensor Pace through glasses collected a lot of information, oakley sunglasses on pinterest, heart rate, speed, step frequency” Oakley’s staff, who asked not to be named. “Radar Pace where unique is its ability to provide real-time campaign data for the athletes, providing positive guidance, and to be able to save that information for later analysis. ”
Oakley in 2004 in their Thump glasses have developed some similar functionality, they put a MP3 player into it. In the demo video, you can clearly see glasses integrated headset, microphone and a smart device, may also have professional-level sensors and supporting program, everything else now is a mystery.
But there is a very clear, this is determined by the optical giant Luxottica (Lu Xun TI card) chip giant Intel and Intel jointly develop.

In the summer of 2015, Intel bought Canada smart glasses Recon. Recon Google smart glasses and glasses have a similar feature, integrated GPS system with mobile phone connections, integrated camera.
Don’t know if Oakley Radar Pace will integrate these functions.
Wearable market has developed rapidly in the near future, oakley sunglasses cheap, all within just a few months for the cycling market new products have been released, such as Garmin Varia Vision, displaying ride data.
Press Conference in Las Vegas, praised AlexAnder for this Radar Pace.

“Technology is changing life also changed the training,” Alexander said. “We can pretty much get all the training data. After obtaining the data, after analysis and summary, the players can know in what areas need to be strengthened and improved. As an athlete, I need to know this data, and how to deal with the competition. oakley sunglasses on facebook, This is why athletes need a coach. ”
Alexander and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich agree that Radar Path as a coach, you sport data and training ideas for you, together with you.
Krzanich said Radar Path at the end of 2016.

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