Radar Pace tell you —-What’s my heart rate?

Speaking of ears, you also get a wind guard in the case, which you’ll want to use if you’re cycling at 20mph or more. It will help the mic hear your voice more clearly.

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Getting the glasses working with the app is an important stage of the process: it’s here that you’ll not only punch in your biometrics but will also tell Radar what you actually want to get out of your time together. The Pace is designed for all levels of fitness, from casual freerunning to marathon training, and you’ll need to tell it what kind of workout you’re looking for.

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The idea is that your training is a two-way conversation between you and the Pace. cheap oakley polarized sunglasses You can ask it about your progress at any time, and questions usually have to start with an “Okay, Radar” – although I sometimes found this wasn’t necessary. You can then ask it things like “What’s my heart rate?”, “How’s my speed?” and so on, and Pace responds with the data.

I’ve talked a bit about the voice interaction with the Radar Pace coach, oakley sunglasses free shipping but I felt it deserved its own space in isolation from the fitness. Here we’re really talking just about Intel’s technology, which aims to be more conversational and contextual than other personal assistants, where chat can often be stilted.

Once you’ve set out your schedule you’ll be able to see it any time under the ‘plan’ tab, fake oakley sunglasses showing how your workout will build over the coming days and weeks, as well as data on previous runs and training zones. This means you always know what your next target will be and, as I mentioned before, it will also adjust depending on your performance.

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